Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Journal This! Featured Etsy Seller - moxy

If you're like my girlfriend, Vickie, you can never have too many journals.  If you're an animal lover AND a prolific journaler, then moxy's etsy shop is the place for you!

All of her work is completely vegan, from the beautiful suede faux leather of her journal covers right down to the synthetic or flour-based glue she uses to provide extra strength to her hand-stitched books. 

There are journals in her shop to fit every taste and occasion, as well as lovely handmade gift tag sets.  Need a tiny, purse- or pocket-sized notebook?  Go for a mini (3"x4") journal.  A medium (4"x6") journal would work well for a purse or backpack.  She also has large (6"x9"), HUGE (9"x12") and art journals. 

Colorwise, her shop is a nice blend of earthtones (olives, tans, and browns) livened here and there with beautiful reds, baby blues and petal-pinks. 

Here are a few of my favorites from her shop:

Love Vegan Suede Leather Journal 

Crocodile Goddess Vegan Leather Refillable Journal

15 Distressed Pink Flower Tags

Please stop in and visit moxy in her etsy shop (  Even if you're not a writer now, once you get in and have a look around, her inspiring journals may make you decide you want to be!