Sunday, February 21, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button? -- Check out TessaAnn on Etsy!

One night last week I was just browsing around on etsy and I came across a great shop that I decided I wanted to share with my readers.  I love buttons - any kind of buttons - so imagine my delight when I found TessaAnn and her wonderful shop of handmade buttons!

According to her profile, TessaAnn got her start doing scrapbooking and decided it would be fun to make her own embellishments.  She began making buttons from polymer clay.  All of her buttons are completely handmade by her from start to finish -- she makes the patterns, shapes the clay, bakes, paints and then seals each button.

Sweet Cakes (Handmade Buttons set of 7)
Sweet Cakes (handmade buttons set of 7)

TessaAnn's designs are all bright and colorful and fun, and her craftsmanship is excellent.  One thing I really like about her shop is that, while her buttons are listed as sets, she is more than willing to break up any set to meet her customer's needs.  She also loves to do custom orders.

Here are a couple of my favorite button sets by TessaAnn:

Nature's Garden (handmade buttons set of 6)
Nature's Garden  (handmade buttons set of  6)

Melody (handmade buttons 6)
Melody (handmade buttons 6)

Please take a moment to visit TessaAnn's' etsy shop (; I'm sure you'll find the perfect buttons for you!


  1. I love buttons! I wish I sewed more so that I could use them more.

  2. I just bought 3 bags of assorted shank buttons from another etsy seller, craftattic (

    She's just up the road in Austin and they shipped today, so I should have them tomorrow or Monday...I'll post a pic when they come. I can't wait!