Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Being Featured in Another Wonderful Blog!

Evening, readers!  This week I've been corresponding with a wonderful etsy seller and blogger who is featuring me and my shop on her blog for the upcoming week.  Her name is Jessica, and her blog is called That Girls Crafty.

You can find the feature about me here:

And now, as always when someone features me, I'm returning the favor, so I hope you'll read on and allow me to introduce you to Jessica and her artistry on etsy!

Jessica is a former California girl currently enjoying life in Switzerland with her family.  She manages not just one etsy shop but two, offering two different types of products.  One shop is Simply Digital Designs
(, in which she offers digital images for a variety of uses.  One which I will likely be taking advantage of at some point is her custom banner listing:

Customized Shop Banner with 3 Photos
Customized Shop Banner With 3 Photos

Very reasonable at $8 to have a banner customized with my pictures that I didn't have to spend hours fighting with trying to get the images the right size, resolution, etc.  Well worth it!  She does custom avatars as well, plus digital image collages, card graphics and scrapbook pages.

Her second shop is called Belles Mademoiselles (, an amazing place in which Jessica's sewing skills really shine.  Bags, skirts, pants, hair accessories and no-sew appliques as well as custom items.  Belles Mademoiselles also has a section for upcycled jewelry pendants made from scrabble tiles and dominoes (although you wouldn't know it to look at them!).

Aside from the fun and creative designs, I think the main thing that struck me about this shop is all of the bright, vibrant color in Jessica's work.  Lots of floral and geometric patterns, and everything very bright and cheery. 

Here are a few of my favorite listings from Belles Mademoiselles:

Butterfly Hand Cut No Sew Iron On Applique
Butterfly Hand Cut NO SEW Iron On Applique Choose your Favorite

Recycled TShirt Tote Bag Guinness
Recycled Tshirt Tote Bag Guinness

Ballerina Kitty Cat Recycled Domino Tile Pendant with Free Ribbon Necklace
Ballerina Kitty Cat Recyled Domino Tile Pendant WITH FREE RIBBON NECKLACE

Please stop by and visit Jessica's blog and etsy shops.  With so many different, beautiful pieces you'll surely find something you just can't live without!

Thanks so much, Jessica, for the wonderful opportunity to be featured on your blog!

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